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last updated Thu 26 May 16

Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees represent parents, the deaf community, students and staff. They are elected every three years. Travel assistance to attend meetings is available to Board members.

Back row, left to right:
Rachel Douglas (Chair) - Taranaki, Glenn Dillon - Auckland, Eric Coppage - Auckland  
Middle row, left to right: 
David Foster - Auckland, Jill Ford (Board Secretary) - Auckland, David McKee (Deputy Chair) - Wellington  
Front row, left to right:
Priyanka Raja (Student Rep) - Auckland, Madison Davy (Student Rep) - Taranaki, Joy Creet - Wellington, Bernie Mulcahy-Bouwman - Christchurch
Absent: Aileen Jones - Bay of Plenty

The Combined Board of Trustees of Kelston Deaf Education Centre and van Asch Deaf Education Centre is accountable for student achievement. It does this by providing an environment that supports and encourages quality educational outcomes. The Combined Board is responsible for ensuring that each Centre focuses their strategic planning on improving student achievement through high quality teaching and learning programmes. The Combined Board is made up of six parent trustees, a staff trustee, two student trustees and the two Principals. Up to four additional trustees may be co-opted to ensure that the views of the Deaf community and of Maori are represented on the board.

Board Elections - information

In 2012 the Ministry of Education combined the Trustee Boards of each Centre.  This month we will be managing the second election cycle of the Combined Board. 
The Combined Board is responsible for:
• Annual budget of around $30 million
• A Staff of approximately 400
• The educational and social achievement of almost 2,000 children. 

Six Parent Representatives and one staff trustee will be elected during the coming Board of Trustees Elections.  They will join the existing student trustees and Principals to form the Board for the coming three years. 
Being a trustee involves the following:
• Opportunity to influence decisions and educational services for Deaf Children nationally
• Access to accurate, current statistical information and policy
• Work closely with senior Ministry officials
• Working with a National Focus
Being a trustee requires commitment - meetings are held 8 times a year, usually in Wellington and usually run from around 9.30am until 4.00pm. Trustees are reimbursed for this responsibility.

To be a Trustee, candidates must:
• Be nominated by a parent on the voting roll
• Be over 18 years old
• Be a Citizen of New Zealand
• Not be a permanent employee of either Deaf Education Centre
• Meet government eligibility criteria - this is explained in the nomination papers.

Nomination papers for both staff and parent elections will be posted Friday 6th May.

Candidates for Parent Elections:

Candidate Statements in NZSL

Valid nominations have been received from:

van Asch:
Rachel Douglas
Crystal Skinley
David McKee
Katya Blair

Ratu Ratu
Vivianne King
Merran Gwyndell
Rachel Coppage

Declaration of Staff Election Results:

At the close of nominations, there was one valid nomination received.

I declare Krista Clifford duly elected.
Krista is currently working several roles, one being the NZSL@School coordinator for Kelston. 
Her other roles include being a Resource Teacher of the Deaf and working in the Resource Department.

Board Meetings 2016

Monday 22 February

Monday 21 March

Monday 23 May

Monday 27 June

Monday 29 August

Sunday 18 September

Monday 19 September

Monday 31 October

Monday 12 December

Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport

Kelston Deaf Education Centre

Wellington Airport

Strategic Planning Day -- van Asch

van Asch Deaf Education Centre

Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport

The venue will be adjusted to either KDEC or VADEC as necessary.


> Download .pdf of latest report

Charter and Strategic Plan

> download CHARTER with Strategic Plan

Policies and Procedures

> go to Policies and Procedures (Ultranet)

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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