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last updated Tue 18 Oct 16

Board of Trustees

Combined Board of Kelston and van Asch Deaf Education Centres - Parent Caregiver Survey

The Combined Board is carrying out a survey to find out what you think about our services. We want you to tell us what we are doing well and those things we need to improve on.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes and is anonymous and confidential.

The deadline for completing your questionnaire is Monday 28th August.

Please note if you do not want to complete the questionnaire but wish to give your feedback in person, you can email me or ring me on 021910287.

You do not need to give your name unless you want to.

Thank you for helping us improve what we are doing.

Roisin Connolly
Community Engagement Officer
Tauranga Sensory Resource Centre
78, Carmichael Road
Bethlehem, 3112




July 2017

Letter from the Board of Trustees regarding the appointment of a Limited Statutory Manager to work with Kelston Deaf Education Centre

By now you might have read about this in the media or on social media. I apologise for the communication delay due to this appointment being made official during the school holiday period.
The pace and volume of change in Deaf Education in the last few years has been considerable. With the introduction of a Combined Board of Trustees (2012), the NZSL@School project being introduced (2014) then integrated into our daily practise, welcoming nearly 2000 children over the age of 8 who were previously receiving services from an AODC onto our caseload under the ASSIST programme (2014 onwards), and a complete rebuild of our Archibald Road premises (completed 2016) being some of the most significant.
Kelston and van Asch Deaf Education Centres were visited by ERO in 2016. As part of that review, the Board asked ERO to consider a shortened review cycle, to allow us to focus on our core business, rather than on managing consistent change. During the following months the Deaf Education Centres have been working with Ministry appointed SAF (Student Achievement Function) practitioners. This service has been welcomed and is proving to be most rewarding.
The Board has asked the Ministry for additional support. Staff were advised of this request late in term 2 at a staff meeting and this was also included in the KDEC Bulletin. On July 13th it was announced in the NZ Gazette that a Limited Statutory Manager will be working with KDEC around finances, student management and welfare.
Terri Johnstone has been appointed to this role by the Ministry, and will start her work in Term 3. The first month will be spent doing a scoping exercise, to figure out what the extent of her work will be. At the conclusion of the scoping exercise, Terri will present an outcome plan to the Ministry and the Board so that we can collectively make a plan for the coming months. During this time staff, students, and their families can expect to see ‘business as usual’, and once Terri’s Plan has been agreed to by the Board and the Ministry, any changes will have a timeline put in to place for their implementation. Terri has been engaged by the Board in the past in a different role, and made a positive impact for students and staff. We are very happy to make use of her services once again.
All of this happens at the same time the Board is needing to recruit and engage a new CEO/Principal. We are aware that this is an unsettling time for all, but it is our hope that at the conclusion of this process we will be on far stronger ground, and the organisation is more than ready to meet the next round of challenges and improvements for Deaf Education throughout New Zealand.

Rachel Douglas
Board Chair
KDEC and van Asch Deaf Education Centres

NZSL translation of this message
Gazette notice
NZSL translation of gazette notice

21 June 2017
CEO – Kelston Deaf Education Centre

David Foster has been on leave from his role at KDEC since the start of this year. David has taken medical advice and unfortunately will not be returning to work at KDEC. He has resigned effective 5 September.
The Board would like to thank David for the work that he has done and the impact he has made over the last 17 years. It has been a time of great change in the Deaf Education sector, moving from a focus on students enrolled at the day school provisions to a much wider focus including deaf and hard of hearing students in mainstream schools receiving services from KDEC and most recently transfer of students from the AODC caseload at year 3 to come under the umbrella of the DECs.
His time at KDEC has also seen an almost complete replenishment or refurbishment of the buildings our students learn in, with new facilities at Oteha valley on the North Shore, new or upgraded provisions at Kelston Primary, Intermediate and Boys and Girls High Schools, new provisions in South Auckland at Ormiston Primary, Junior and Senior College, new facilities co-located with BLENNZ in Tauranga and Hamilton, and of course the major rebuild at Kelston Deaf Education Centre with the demolish and rebuild of the Offices, Early Childhood Centre and the Residences all opening in 2017.
David has also worked very hard on partnerships in deaf education. Together with the Ministry he has driven projects like the Combined Board of Trustees and the NZSL at School project to their fruition. David has also ensured that Deaf staff have been fully involved in the development of the NZSL curriculum and most recently NCEA standards for NZSL. He has made a significant contribution to the partnership with The Hearing House to develop and deliver cochlear implant services. With Ngati Turi, David has facilitated the relocation and redevelopment of Ruaumoko Marae which will ensure that the needs of Maori Deaf students continue to be a key focus.
Student achievement has always been the key driver for David. The Board is very sad to see David go, but we are glad of the platform he has helped to create from which we can springboard Deaf Education to the next level for New Zealand.
The Board would like to thank the staff who have worked very hard to maintain the excellent work of Kelston Deaf Education Centre in David’s absence.

Rachel Douglas
Board Chair

For NZSL version please go to the following link:

Members of the Board of Trustees represent parents, the deaf community, students and staff. They are elected every three years. Travel assistance to attend meetings is available to Board members.

         Back row:
Rachel Douglas (Chair) - Okato, Taranaki
David Foster (Principal KDEC) - Auckland

Middle row:
Bernadette Mulcahy-Bouwman (Principal VADEC) - Christchurch
Meghan Coppage (Student Trustee) - Auckland
Crystal Skinley (Parent Trustee) - Dunedin
Jill Le Prou (Board Secretary) - Auckland
Merran Gwyndell (Parent Trustee) - Katikati, Bay of Plenty

Front row:
Cha'nel Kaa-Luke (Student Trustee) - Christchurch
Rachel Coppage (Parent Trustee) - Auckland
Krista Clifford (Staff Trustee) - Auckland
Ratu Ratu (Parent Trustee) - Hamilton

Absent (inset):
David McKee (Parent Trustee) - Wellington

The Combined Board of Trustees of Kelston Deaf Education Centre and van Asch Deaf Education Centre is accountable for student achievement. It does this by providing an environment that supports and encourages quality educational outcomes. The Combined Board is responsible for ensuring that each Centre focuses their strategic planning on improving student achievement through high quality teaching and learning programmes. The Combined Board is made up of six parent trustees, a staff trustee, two student trustees and the two Principals. Up to four additional trustees may be co-opted to ensure that the views of the Deaf community and of Maori are represented on the board.

DEC B.O.T Flyer

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Ministry of Education Infrastructure Project Brief

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Board Elections - information

Declaration of Board Election Results:

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BOT Student Election results 2017

Cha'nel Kaa-Luke is the student trustee for van Asch for another year.

Kyle Cloete is the new student trustee for KDEC.

Board Meetings 2017

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Tuesday 28 February

Friday 24 March

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Friday 3 November

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Kelston Deaf Education Centre

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Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport

Kelston Deaf Education Centre

Wellington Airport

Board Meeting (afternoon) - van Asch

Strategic Planning Day – van Asch

Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport

The venue will be adjusted to either KDEC or VADEC as necessary.


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Policies and Procedures

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