Residential Services

The van Asch Residential programme provides an opportunity for up to 20 students ranging in age from 11-21 years of age to live on site during the school term. These students are able to be enrolled from any of the van Asch regions, excluding Christchurch. While living in the Residences, the students attend one of the FOUR Hubs (Satellite Units) in the Core School for their education needs to be met. Students who apply to live in the residences and enrol in the Core School complete a placement visit.

Accommodation and travel for students are funded by the Centre through funds received directly from the MInistry of Education. This is used to provide food, travel, housing and all of the basic needs while the students are in the residences. Travel home at the end of each term is arranged, and students also have a mid-term break of a long weekend at home during the term.

The Centre has residential houses for boys and girls, access to independent flats for students who are ready to learn independent skills, and access to a shared house for those who are learning to live with others. The placement of students in houses is determined by the Residential Pathway. This is a pathway for all students to follow during their time in the residences, working towards independence.

Residential Pathway

The residences are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a team of 13 staff. The Associate Principal Pastoral Care has overall responsibility of the team consisting of Residential Social Workers, Support Workers and Night Attendants. Students have their own rooms, which they are able to fill with comforts from home. They are also encouraged to learn how to manage themselves and are supported the residential staff to learn new skills.

Students have lots of opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities, both during school and after school. With the support of staff, students are encouraged to join local sports and cultural clubs, and also take part in lots of recreational activities within and outside of the residences. The overarching aim of these activities is for enjoyment, however also serves the purpose of helping students gain and skills and confidence to take part in wider community activities and events, using their communication skills and building on these over time.