Placement visits

For students to be enrolled in the Residences, they must first undertake a placement visit. This is arranged through the current Advisor of Deaf Children (AODC), Resource Teacher of Deaf (RTD), ASSIST staff, or through parents contacting the centre directly. The purpose of the placement visit is for the student and their family/whanau to experience what would be involved in being a residential student at van Asch. This includes seeing the Hub that would be the best educational fit for the student, the programmes and facilities at the Hub, and to also experience life in the residences.

The placement visit takes between two and five days, depending on the placement sought. During this time, students and their families/whanau are welcomed into the residences and have an opportunity to talk with staff about how things run, what is expected of the student and their family, and how we support the student's needs in the residences. Families are shown the rules, procedures and have an opportunity to meet many of the staff. All costs are covered by the Ministry of Health or the Centre, including accommodation, transport and meals.

After two days, parents go home, and the student stays for another two or three days alone. During this time, there may be a number of assessments done that will support an application for enrollment. These assessments may be in the areas of; spoken language, audiology, literacy, visual communication, NZSL, and a discussion with the school counsellor.

Enrolment into the residences and Core School is then applied for. When making a decision, the Centre makes a recommendation to the Ministry of Education, which must ensure that:

  1. van Asch is the best educational fit for the student.
  2. The safety of the student and that of others students is ensured.
  3. The student wants to enrol.
  4. There is a suitable place available for the student.

If you wish to enquire about a placement visit, please make contact with your AODC, RTD, ASSIST teacher, or you can request placement visit forms from: