Purposes of the Audiology Service

Clinical - hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting and evaluation, monitoring of young child and student progress in listening and the perception of speech. The provision of resources, guidance and support to children/students themselves and to their parents/family/whānau.

Resource Development – maintaining current knowledge of paediatric and educational audiology through literature review, and the production of suitable resources and training materials for children/students, their families and associated professionals.

Training – orientation of students training to become teachers of the deaf and audiologists towards an appreciation of the world of the child and young person with hearing loss and the needs of their parents/families/whānau. The upskilling of professional colleagues in audiology and education.

Benefits of the Audiology Service

Specialisation in paediatric and educational audiology on the Core School site, in a team-oriented professional environment.

Close links with Core School Teachers of the Deaf, Resource Teachers of the Deaf, ASSIST, Ministry of Education Advisers on Deaf Children and DHB Audiology Services within Central and Southern New Zealand.

Experience in the understanding and management of children’s and young people’s hearing and spoken communication needs, within a context of family-centred care and sensitivity to visual and sign language communication.