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last updated Thu 28 Feb 13

Strategic Plan

Strategic plan 2013 - 2015

'To enhance learning outcomes for children who are deaf or hearing-impaired'

Board of Trustees Initiatives

• Further develop VADEC as a recognised centre of excellence in the provision of;

▪ A Specialist Teaching Services supporting the MoE initiatives of "Success for all, every school, every child.
- A flexible and dynamic resourcing model.
- Work with the MoE and other sensory schools to develop a resourcing model based that will incorporate paraprofessional funding.
- Develop a National Database to inform the resourcing model.
- Work with MoE to clarify Resource Teacher of the Deaf and Adviser on Deaf Children roles based on student data.

▪ A Residential base school that is safe and provides high quality learning programmes to meet the needs of enrolled students.
- A strengthened base school Transition Programme.
- Further extend partnerships with Deaf Aotearoa, Hagley Community College
- Promote block courses for regional students
- A strengthened Year 9-10 Core school programme.
- Develop and Implement the New School Curriculum.

• Implement the I.T. strategic plan to ensure optimum benefits for students from the established I.T. fund -- (Nag 1, Nag 4.)

• Work with the Ministry of Education to develop a strategic property plan that will maximise the van Asch site, ensuring up to date learning and support facilities for Deaf and Hearing Impaired students and their families -- (Nag 4.)

• Develop and implement a Maori Student Achievement Strategy and Community consultation based on Ka Hikitia. (The Ministry's Maori Education Strategy 2088-2012) - Nag 1.

Broad Objectives Supporting Student Achievement Targets

• Implement the I.T, strategic plan. The I.T. Committee to facilitate the staged implementation of a;
- Learning Management System -- ULTRANET
- Student Management system - KAMAR
- iPads for Class Programmes and Regional teacher support.

• Monitor Ka Hikitia - Maori Student achievement strategy

• The board and staff to familiarize themselves with the Pasifika Plan


Provide Professional Development opportunities to focus on best practice strategy towards raising Students

Achievement Goals -
this will include up to five call back days each school year.

• In consultation with the Ministry of Education review Property development in line with Special Schools Property Guide 2009 and schools strategic plan.

• Following the development of a financial plan, prioritise any extraordinary expenditure to meet student needs in line with the strategic direction of the school.

Triennial Evaluation Plan 2013 - 2015

1. Review Policies
i. Personnel - Nag 3
ii. Self Review - Nag 2
iii. Legislation - Nag 6
iv. Resource and Technical Services
v. Financial - Nag 4
2. Review Procedures as per Procedure Plan - see attached
3. Survey Base school students - safe physical and emotional environment

1. Review Policies
i. Property - Nag 4, Nag 6
ii. Curriculum - Nag 1
iii. Community Partnership
iv. Residential Services Contract
v. Early Childhood Services Contract
2. Review Procedures as per Procedure Plan - see attached
3. Parent Satisfaction Survey
4. Mainstream Schools Satisfaction Survey

1. Review Policies
i. Health and Safety - Nag 1
ii. Treaty of Waitangi - Nag 1
iii. Early Childhood Services Contract
iv. Regional Teaching and Specialist Services Contract
2. Review Procedures as per Procedure Plan - see attached
3. Self Audit the Specialist Services Standards domains of Assessment and analysis and Programming Planning in readiness for the MOE Specialist Services review September 2012 4. Self Audit the Regional, School and Residential Services in readiness for the ERO visit in 2011-2012
5. Self Audit the Early Intervention Centre in readiness for the ERO visit in Term 4 2011
6. Survey Staff - safe physical and emotional environment

> Download Strategic_Plan PDF document.