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Useful Websites

For parents:

The National Foundation for the Deaf

This is New Zealand’s National Foundation for the Deaf website which contains useful info for parents, teachers, and professionals on a range of topics related to hearing and hearing loss, available services and helpful organizations.  This is a great place to start when looking up information on these topics.


My Baby's Hearing

This is a great site for parents whose child has recently been diagnosed with a hearing loss, and for those who need further support and guidance on how to build the language and learning skills of their children or wish to read some stories about different issues faced by other parents.


Deaf Education through Listening and Talking

A wide range of information for both parents and professionals about deafness, listening and talking, presented in factsheets, leaflets and topic sheets.


For teachers:

Speech Therapy Activities

This is a great site with lots of resources for language games, articulation practise, activities based on reading / children’s books, literacy skills, and how to incorporate technology into all of this!


The Listen-Up Web

This is a huge site, containing information on all aspects of deafness for parents and professionals, resources, links to numerous other sites, a list of books relating to hearing loss, and much much more.  This site is well worth a look!


Speech Teach UK

This site was developed by a parent who has made loads of resources to support her daughter’s speech and language programmes.  From free games for developing specific speech sounds, to reading activities, craft activities, free clipart pictures, and language games, this site has something for everyone!


Communication Connects

This is a fantastic site, even though not just deaf-related.  There are sections for therapists, teachers and parents, and links to other games that have the specific language targets listed.  The parent section contains home activity ideas (about 30 different games / activities), parent articles, and a ‘story-making machine’!  The teacher section contains ideas for classroom activities and articles that may be useful.