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Specialist Services

A wide range of services are provided by the Centre in support of its region. The Centre employs a number of specialist resource staff. The Specialist Resource Team provides those professionals working with deaf and hearing-impaired students in regional settings with support in literacy, speech-language, visual communication, New Zealand Sign Language and Deaf Studies. They also provide guidance to parents.

An audiologist based at the Centre supports audiologists in regional settings in the paediatric assessment and hearing aid fitting of deaf and hearing-impaired students. The Centre also provides a free hearing aid repair service. The Southern Hearing Charitable Trust programme's manager works with the three habilitationist employed by van Asch Deaf Education Centre, based at St George's Hospital to provide the service for children in the van Asch region. For more information about the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme visit www.scip.co.nz

Preschool Residential Visits

The Specialist Resource Team and the Centre's audiologist provide families in regional settings with the opportunity to attend three to four-day preschool residential visits. The visits offer a programme of assessment and guidance based on the needs of the children and their parents. Meals and accommodation are provided to families free of charge. Professionals directly supporting the student may also attend.

Assessment Visits (Primary and Secondary)

The Specialist Resource Team and the Centre's audiologist also provide families in regional settings with the opportunity to attend a one to three-day assessment visit. The programme will be arranged to take into account any special requests made by parents . The programme typically will involve:

• Assessment and programme development in the areas of:
- Spoken Language
- Literacy
- Audiology
- Visual Communication
- Signed Supported English
- Opportunities to access the Library and Media Centre

Placement Visits

In order for a student's application for enrolment to be considered by the Centre's Admissions Committee, the student and at least one of his/her parents must visit the Centre prior to enrolment. The placement visit enables the student and his/her family the opportunity to evaluate the Centre's School Hubs, programmes and facilities through visits to classrooms and the residences. A placement visit may take from two to five days. Meals and accommodation are provided free of charge.

The visit also enables the student to complete a number of assessments that will support an application for enrolment. These assessments may be in the areas of:

• Spoken language
• Audiology
• Literacy
• Visual Communication
Parents considering making an application for the child to be enrolled at the Centre can request a visit to van Asch directly..

Specialist Subsites

The following subsites are part of the van Asch Deaf Education Centre website but contain information specific to their topic. Each subsite offers a range of services and resources for students, parents and teachers. Click on any of the logos below to go directly to the subsite or navigate to a specific page via the subsites dropdown menu.