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Services & Programmes - overview

A wide range of services are provided by the van Asch Deaf Education Centre in support of its region. The Centre employs a number of specialist resource staff. The Specialist Resource Team provides those professionals working with deaf and hearing-impaired students in regional settings with support in literacy, speech-language, New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and Deaf Studies. They also provide guidance to parents.

An educational audiologist based at the Centre supports audiologists in regional settings in the paediatric assessment and hearing aid fitting of deaf and hearing-impaired students. The Centre also provides a free hearing aid repair service.

Habilitation services for children with cochlear implants are provided through a contract with the Southern Hearing Charitable Trust. Habilitationists are based at the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme at St. George's Hospital. They also provide an outreach service to children's home areas. For more information about the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme visit www.scip.co.nz

The Library and Media Centre provide families and professionals with a range of book and non-book resources.

Early Intervention

- details of the benefits of early intervention in hearing impaired and deaf children

Core School

- details about our Wharenui Hub, Sumner Hub and Hagley Hub

Residential Services

- details about our onsite residential services for out of town students

Regional Specialist
Teaching Services

- details of our regional training programmes and services outside of Christchurch

Specialist Services

- our specialist services such as Cochlear Implant and Audiology services etc

Resource/Technical Services

- our media centre, library, audiology, hearing aid repair

Cochlear Implant Programme

- Southern Cochlear Implant Programme