Free Resources
More will be added over time, check back regularly.

Māori resources

Object and action pictures with Te Reo Maori text.

NZSL Signed Songs

Songs Signed in NZSL, with English subtitles.

NZSL Lyric Sheets

A collection of pre-school song sheets in English and NZSL.

NZSL Sign Sheets

A collection of A4 sheets and booklets with NZSL on a variety of topics, with English words for reference.

Literacy Resources

A variety of resources to assist with literacy learning and includes vocabulary, grammar and language development.

NZSL Instructional Reader Signs Sheet

A4 sheets of NZSL words to accompany instructional Readers at Magenta, Red and Yellow reading levels.

Picture resources

A collection of pictures on a variety of subjects to initiate conversation and develop descriptive language.

Sequenced Stories

A text-less story booklet. Each title contains between three and 17 pictures for storytelling and sequencing skills.