Keep in Touch Days

Keep In Touch days are organised by Teachers of the Deaf so that our students in the mainstream classes and schools;

  • Have a time where our students can get together, share experiences and build friendships.
  • Have a time where the students can chat with other students and adults who know what it's like growing up being deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Make connections with the Deaf community - Have exposure to communicating in a variety of ways.
  • Opportunity for parents to connect with other parents - sharing of experiences.
  • Explore Deaf Culture and Identity.
  • Have access to deaf role models.
  • Grow understanding and acceptance of the diversity of people.

Keep In Touch Days involve aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum Key competencies:

  • Thinking.
  • Relating to others.
  • Using language, symbols and texts.
  • Managing self.
  • Participating and contributing.

The Role of the Resource Teacher of the Deaf

To improve the educational & social outcomes for deaf & hard of hearing children by working in a collaborative partnership with families & mainstream schools to support the delivery of the New Zealand Curriculum to Deaf and Hearing Impaired students with a special focus on Language, Literacy and Culture

RTDs do this by:

  • Modelling and sharing of strategies for inclusive practice
  • Supporting deaf students and their educators
  • Supporting teachers with assessment, environment, technology and some specialist direct instruction
  • Building relationships with students, teachers, families, peers
  • Addressing barriers that prevent students accessing curriculum
  • Modelling and encouraging self-management and development of self-advocacy
  • Providing NZSL, sign-supported English
  • Using and sharing resources and materials
  • Sharing knowledge of the effect of deafness on language and communication development
  • Sociocultural connections through K.I.T. days
  • Sharing strategies which support communication