• Starting School Kit hearing aid

    CAT 234

    $25.00 + P&P + GST

    • Options
      CAT 234a for child who wears hearing aids or radio aids
      CAT 234b C. I. - behind ear controller
      234c C. I. - body worn controller

    118 colour cards showing photographs of specific named objects designed for the preschool child or a child in their first years of school. They are designed to teach and provide an opportunity to practise essential language associated with school.

    It has four components:

    • Whatís in my School Bag?
    • What is in my Lunch Box?
    • What's in my Pencil Case?
    • What's in my Carry Bag? 

    Two copies of each object are included so that games such as:

    • Snap
    • Memory and Fish

    can be played in order to learn the new vocabulary. A sorting game can also be played so that the child can categorise what goes in which container.