• Feelings Game

    CAT 444

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      CAT 444a A3 game with 24 feelings + $5
      CAT 444b A4 game with 8 feelings

    This kit comes with a spinning wheel game board and cards. There are two different boards for various age levels. The one for preschoolers/early primary school students has eight emotions on the board and matching cards. The one for older primary school students has 24 photos on the board.

    Each card has a photo, sign on the back and the words for each emotion. The purpose is to extend the vocabulary used for feelings enabling the students to show and talk about their emotions. You can show the student a role-play to explain the meaning of the feeling, making sure you always use facial expression. You could also discuss a past experience the child may have had recalling how they were feeling. Ask students to spin and then show the opposite feeling to the one shown eg hot/cold or happy/sad. Practise copying the facial expression. As a prompt for students to try their own role-plays with a partner. Try and guess each feeling they have spun.