• Preposition Posters

    CAT 241

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      CAT 241a Unlaminated sheets
      CAT 241b Laminated sheets + $10

    A set of four colour laminated posters with clear pictorial representation: Two A4 posters feature prepositions of place: At the Bus Stop - includes: at the front, at the end, ahead, behind, beside. On the Ladder - includes; above, below, middle, at the top, at the bottom.

    Two A3 charts featuring some of the most commonly used prepositions. Chart 1: features a variety of prepositions, including; to, from, in, into, on, off, up, down, over, under, between, to the left of, to the right of, against, beneath, opposite, overhead, by. Chart 2: features different uses of; at, on and in. Also available in unlaminated sheets for personal copies, or for cutting and pasting examples into students' books.