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Term 1 Immersion Hui has been postponed

We have decided to reschedule the Transition Immersion Hui to Term 3 of this year. This means the theme for the Term 4 Hui is either going to Maori Deaf or Year 7 - 10 students. Whichever Hui does not happen this year will be scheduled to take place in Term 1 of 2019 so no one will miss out! The decision will likely be based on staff availability and the number of applications received for each of the courses. Please click on the link below to download the Medical Report and Consent Form and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Many thanks,
Andrea Hinchey
Immersion Hui has been postponed

ImmersionHui-MedicalReportand Consent Form


Andrea Hinchey

Andrea Hinchey

Immersion Hui Coordinator

p: 027 66 55 200

2017 Yearbook

The theme of this yearbook “we love to learn” celebrates the joy of learning both in and out of the classroom. It is a special momento for all students, parents/whanau and staff. This 2017 Yearbook showcases Deaf and hard of hearing student’s achievements and experiences throughout the school year from across the van Asch region. This includes students from the deep South to East Coast Bays.

Teachers know that learning for deaf learners is not just in the classroom. I would like to acknowledge all the staff who have committed to providing opportunities to connect DHH students throughout the year with their deaf peers through local, regional and national events focused on deaf identity and communication. Technology is increasingly playing a part in providing more regular opportunities for students to connect with each other across the country. A wide range of student achievements are showcased in this yearbook. These achievements, big and small, build confidence to continue to strive for more learning success and to find their passion for learning at school and beyond.

I hope all readers of the Yearbook take away a sense of the wide diversity of deaf students and the exciting achievements they have made in 2017.

Enjoy the read

“Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tatou mahi”
“Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work”
Nga mihi nui
Bernie Mulcahy-Bouwman

Parent survey on proposed strategic goals

Combined Board of Trustees for Kelston and van Asch Deaf Education Centres

Dear Parents/ Caregivers

Many of you recently responded to our survey asking for your views about the services provided to your child by the Deaf Education Centres. Thank you for this feedback which was generally positive and encouraging. You will find a summary of your feedback on both DEC websites, in the Parent Section. As well as highlighting areas that need our energy and attention right now, you suggested some great ideas for improving our services going forward. Your feedback was discussed in detail by the Combined Board of Trustees and was very useful in helping the Trustees develop a new set of strategic goals. We are very keen to find out what you think about the new proposed strategic goals and would like you to take few minutes to complete the attached survey form by clicking on the link below.

We have included our Mission and Vision Statements as well as a number of Guiding Principles so that you can consider if these goals are a move in the right direction. The guiding principles are very detailed but we hope that the proposed goals focus our work in a way that delivers the best service to our students throughout New Zealand. There are exciting changes ahead in Deaf Education and we are committed to working with you, our parents and caregivers, so that your voice can be heard and valued.