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If you would like to view the wide range of Resources the Centre produces, visit our Online Shop.
last updated Thu 16 Jun 16

Online Shop - overview

We are pleased to offer to the public, specialised resources for teaching deaf and hearing-impaired students.

How to use our Online Shop:

Step 1: Browse through the various sections in the online shop

and add items to your cart by clicking on buttons
like this next to the item....

Step 2: When you wish to see or manage the items in your cart,
click on the button that looks like this....

Step 3: When you wish to complete the transaction,
click on the button that looks like this...

There is a minimum total price of $5 on all orders.

If you have any questions or feedback about the resources, please contact us.

> Download printable PDF version of Resource Catalogue

If you have any difficulties with the Online Shop, please email us directly