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last updated Wed 20 Jul 16

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Physical Appearance Description Cards

98 colour coded A6 cards in 2 complementary sets. 44 illustrating the key vocabulary for describing the physical appearance and age of people (Sex, Race, Skin colouring, Age, Body Build, Distinguishing features). 54 describing the physical appearance of people's face and hair (Face Shape, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hair, Hairstyles, Facial hair). Each card has a space to write a sentence that shows how to use the key word/s. This resource is designed to support the development of descriptive language for using in written English.
Cat. 361 $25.00

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Parts of Speech Cards

A set of seven A5 well illustrated cards with examples, designed to explain in an elementary way the following seven linguistic terms: adjective, adverb, conjunction, noun, preposition, pronoun and verb.

Cat. No. 355 $4

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Abbreviation and Acronym Cards

A set of 59 coloured cards illustrates everyday abbreviations. For example AD, ATM, cm, i.e., Mrs, NZSL, PC, Rd, VIP, WWW, etc. A set of 10 coloured cards depicts the following common acronyms: ANZAC, Auslan, EFTPOS, INTERPOL, NASA, NATO, OPEC, PIN, UNICEF and WHO. On the reverse side of each card there is an explanation of the meaning.
Cat. No. 354 $15 > online shop

Figurative Language Cards

A set of ten colourful illustrated cards that define and provide examples of the following: alliteration, assonance, cliché, hyperbole, metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification, simile, rhetorical question and rhyme. There is space on each card for the student to record his/her own example/s.

Cat. #298

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Cochlear Implant (Junior) CD-Rom

This interactive CD-Rom is designed to
teach the names of the internal and
external parts of the cochlear implant.
The two animated diagrams show how
the ear and cochlear implant work.
The animated text is synchronized with
audio and visual components of spoken
English video clips.
There are five worksheets.

Cat. #293

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Hearing Aid And Radio Aid CD-Rom

An interactive CD-Rom with words for the
names and functions of the parts of a
hearing aid and radio aid.
Three animated diagrams show how the ear,
hearing aid and radio aid work. Animated text
is synchronized with audio and visual
components of spoken English video clips.
Five worksheets.

Cat. #288

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Adjective Cards

This set of twenty contemporary colour cards which focus on elementary adjectives. Each card has the target adjective and NZSL sign as well as a photograph and sentence that demonstrates the use of the word in context. This visual resource has been designed to support students working at level two of the English Matrices. The specific adjectives are: beautiful, cold, dark, dirty, dry, full, hard, heavy, hot, hungry, lazy, long, new, old, tasty, soft, warm, wet, ugly and yummy.

Cat. #290

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Written English For Deaf Students

Exemplars and Guidelines for Teachers. This resource has been modelled on the NZ Curriculum Exemplars and provides progress indicators across Levels 1 & 2 of the English Curriculum for writing.

Cat. #285

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Assessment Of Articulation

A set of 26 pages featuring 79 colourful and appealing pictures depicting phonemes in initial, medial and final position in words.

Cat. #153

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Listening Sound Game

Cat. #353

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NZSL Illustrated Sign Language Dictionary

One hundred page bound book containing 755 essential NZSL signs for use in a variety of everyday situations. Illustrated with full colour photographs. English words included for reference. Can be used in conjunction with the full colour A3 NZSL posters, A4/A5 sheets/booklets and Vocab Tin Cards.
Cat. 463 $16.00

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Weather signs sheet

A4 full colour
photocopiable sheet
containing 23 NZSL signs
related to weather.
Illustrated with photos.

Cat. #441

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Mini Handbook

A6 pocket sized booklet containing 640 essential NZSL signs for use in a variety of everyday situations. English words included for reference.

Cat. #424

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Feelings Poster

Illustrated wall poster showing signs for feelings. For use in the classroom or home.

Cat. #436a(A3)
Cat. #436b (A2)

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Positive Things To Sign Poster

Illustrated wall poster showing positive signs for use in the classroom or home.

Cat. #430a(A3)

Cat. #430b(A2)

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Audiogram Kit

The activities in the Audiogram Kit support learning how sound is measured and the student's understanding of their hearing loss.
It contains an illustrated Audiogram, blank graphs of dB and Hz levels, picture cards to place on graphs, measurement cards and an audiogram transparency.

Cat. #620

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