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Instructional Reader Signs Sheets

Instructional Reader NZSL Signs
Click on a Reader Title to download sheets of NZSL signs (printable .pdf)

level 1
Making a bird
Look at animals
The Pets
Brenda's Birthday
Farm Friends
What Can I Catch?
Under the Sea
Up and Up
Making a Rabbit
We Dress Up
A House
A Zoo
Building with Blocks
Someone Special
Face Painting
Let's Pretend
At the Zoo
Fruit salad
Going on Holiday
In our Classroom
Is this my house?
The Gotcha Box
The play
The Way I go to School
Time for Dinner
We Go Out
level 1
Big Things
During the Day
Who am I?
I am
I am Running
The Pesky Fly
Little Things
I like Playing
In the Trolley
In the Garden
Making a Dinosaur
Melting Ice Cubes
The Park
The Party
Look at the house
The Play
Farm Friends
level 1 / 2
My Sand Pie
We are up here
I am Jumping
The Farm
I can
The Day
The Boat
The Picnic
The Surprise
Closer and Closer
The Birthday Party
A Home
The Jungle
The Play

Clown Face
Honey, Honey
The Jungle
A Home
At the Supermarket
The Animal Show
The Treasure
level 2
Under the Sea
Firefighter Fred's Bad Day
Hello Bingo!
Jack's Road
Matthew and Emma
Sally and the elephant
The Big Hole
The Boat Ride
The Sun and the Moon
The Rescue
At School
Dad's Ship
The Go Karts
A Rainbow of Parrots
The Grasshopper and the Flea
Fast and Slow
Bubbles in the Sky
Big and Little
Big Sea Animals
Going Out
I can, can you?
My Clothes
My Little Cat
My Sandcastle
On and Off
Party Hats
Playing Outside
The Parade
The Shopping Mall
The Toy Box
Up and Down
Cat and Mouse
We Can Run
level 1
The Barbecue
level 3
The Photo Book
Photo Time
Kitty Cat
Hedgehog is Hungry
Wake Up Dad
Tiger, Tiger
The Lazy Pig
Sam and Bingo
The Merry-Go-Round
Little Chimp
Here Comes Little Chimp
Jack and Billy
Sam's Balloon
Baby Wakes Up
The Big Hill
Teddy Bears' Picnic
The Little Snowman
The Snowman
Sally's Snowman
The Little Giraffe
Holiday Time
Little Teddy and Monkey

Raccoon Wakes Up

Zac and Chirpy
Level 4
My Tower
My Book
Little Chimp and Big Chimp
Sam's Race
Jack's Birthday
The Lucky Dip
Red Puppy
Mother Bird
The Bumper Cars
The Flower Girl
The Baby Owls
Baby Lamb's First Drink
Sally and the daisy
The Big Kick
Pussy and the Birds
A birthday cake for Ben
Balloons Go Pop!
Lily's Play House
A Present for Karl
Jake's Car
Zac and the Ducks
Kitty Cat and the Bird
The Hungry Squirrel
Level 5
Lizard Loses His Tail
Tom is brave
Ben's Teddy Bear
Ben's treasure hunt
Father Bear goes fishing
The Toytown Rescue
Bingo's Icecream
The Toytown Helicopter
Hide and Seek
Where is Hannah?
Kitty Cat and the fish
Kitty Cat and Fat Cat
A Home for Little Teddy
Monkey on the Roof
Baby Panda
Run Rabbit Run
Sam's Picnic
Billy is Hiding
Erin Meets Tiffy
Jake Kicks a Goal
Little Chimp is Brave
Presents for Jack and Billy
Puzzle for Scruffy
The Tiny Teddies' Picnic

Level 6

Billy Can Count
Bread for the Ducks
Clever Fox
Here Come the Shapes
Little Chimp Runs Away
Sam and the Waves
Speedy Bee
The Big Hit
The Toytown Fire Engine

Baby Hippo
The Big Helicopter
Bingo and the Ducks
Brave Father Mouse
Ella and the Toy Rabbit
The Hungry Kitten
Jolly Roger, the Pirate
Sally's Beans
Sandy Gets a Lead
Where are the Sunhats

Level 7

A Crocodile and a Whale
Bingos Birthday
Jolly Roger and the Treasure
Mothers Day
New Boots
Red Squirrel Hides Some Nuts
The Leaf Boats
The Big Yellow Castle
Dilly Duck and Dally Duck
Sam goes to School

Flowers for Grandma
Zac's Train Ride
Jake and the Big Fish
Kitty Cat Runs up a Tree
Dino at the Park
Lucky Goes to Dog School
The Toytown Bus Helps Out
Football at the Park
Ben's Dad
Baby Bear Goes fishing
Sally and the Sparrows
The New Baby
Choosing a Puppy

Level 8

Max Goes Fishing
Erin Rides Tiffy
Katie's Caterpillar
Little Bulldozer
Max and the Little Plant
A Party for Brown Mouse
Rani Comes to Stay
The Birthday Kitten
Tiny and the Big Wave

A Bad Day for Little Dinosaur

Kitty Cat Plays Inside

Look out for Bingo

A Lucky Day for Little Dinosaur

Max Rides His Bike

Roar Like a Tiger

Snowy Gets a Wash

Speedy Bee's Dance

The Little White Hen

Seagull is Clever
Sally's Red Bucket
Fire! Fire!
A Friend for Little White Rabbit
Mother Bear's Scarf




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