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Whats New

NZSL Signed Song sheets

Illustrated full colour A4 sheets feature common songs and tunes, that provide a fun introduction to New Zealand Sign Language for early childhood, preschool and early primary settings.

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SCIP Grant Scholarship

The SHCT has a charitable grants committee that oversees a scholarship fund for cochlear implant recipients pursuing tertiary study.

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Olympic NZSL Signs

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New Resources

New print and electronic resources.

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Instructional Reader Signs Sheets

NZSL Signs for use with Instructional Readers.

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vadec Resource Catalogue

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Deaf CommUNITY Weekly News

Deaf Aotearoa's weekly newsletter.

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Our Southern Cochlear Implant Programme Newsletter.

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Latest news and information about New Zealand Sign Language.

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200 NEW NZSL Signs

200 new signs have been added to the NZSL Search feature. There are now over 2200 nzsl signs online.

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NZSL Signed Songs / N. Z. National Anthem

A selection of some traditional songs signed using New Zealand Sign Language.

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NZSL video clips for common Signs at School and at Home.

An essential resource for Deaf and Hearing primary-aged children, teachers of the Deaf, teacher aides and teachers with Deaf students in their classes. Signs In And Around The School includes signs for: "Things in the classroom", Basic commands for teachers, "How do I say?", Buildings around the school, School subjects. Signs In And Around The Home includes signs for: "How do I say?", Rooms in the House, Things inside and outside the House.
Full colour illustrations, NZSL video clips, English wordlists, NZSL and sign supported English (SSE) phrases (video). 

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Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants

Parts and functions of the Hearing Aid, Radio Aid and Cochlear Implant.

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