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last updated Mon 16 Jul 12

Student Work

My Mum decided to take me to the hairdresser to get my hair cut. My brother wanted his hair to grow longer so he had a trim. I had a little towel put around my neck, then an apron in case my hair stuck on to me . I was very excited because I thought all my friends would like it. When I was little, about five years old, they cut my hair at the hospital. They made a hole in my head and then they put a magnet in it. They closed the hole and then they put my hearing aid on and now I can hear! I kept on crying and taking off my hearing aid because it was too loud and I hadn't got used to it. Some noises were very annoying for me like very loud noises, like parents talking. For a start I wanted to keep it quiet because I was not used to the noises. I felt unhappy and miserable. When I was six I got used to it. It soon became normal when loud noises came. Back to the hair cut. . . I sat talking to my Mom while the hairdresser cut my beautiful blonde, curly long, hair. It got shorter ond shorter. I felt very excited. My Mom was very excited too! I was jumping up and down with excitement looking at the mirror. I love my pixie hair cut.
Kirstin from Otago




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