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last updated Mon 16 Jul 12

Student Work

Two weeks ago, it was drama for 2 days and 2 nights. The drama was "Oliver Twist". My characters were Oliver Twist and Oliver's mother. I liked my character Oliver because it made me feel funny, as it made me think over what boys are like, so now I know what the boys are like. The drama was so great with the mainstream students. I was so tired because my character was a big part in the drama, but I just kept going to do the drama. It was pretty good. I enjoyed my characters. I still remember about my mum because when I was on the stage in front of everyone, my mum saw me and she was like "Oh my gosh, that's my baby out there, but not my daughter. . . it's my son!" That really cracked me up. Actually, it was pretty awesome!
Ben (Benazir) from Christchurch




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