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last updated Wed 12 Mar 08

Literacy Resources

The van Asch Deaf Education Centre is New Zealand's leading provider of educational resources for use with Deaf and hearing-impaired children. Featured below are some popular Literacy Resources. For a full catalogue of Literacy Resources see our Online Shop.

Beginning Writers Support Card

A4 visually attractive double sided laminated sheet containing NZ handwriting alphabet, High frequency verb chart, Sentence structure guide, Personalized writer's dictionary - word's and common phrases.


Written English For Deaf Students

Exemplars and Guidelines for Teachers. This resource has been modelled on the NZ Curriculum Exemplars and provides progress indicators across Levels 1 & 2 of the English Curriculum for writing.


My Hearing Aid and Radio Aid CD-Rom

This CD Rom is designed for deaf students with a good understanding of language. The student will be exposed to the names and functions of the main parts of a hearing aid and radio aid. In addition the CD Rom is enhanced by three animated diagrams showing how the ear, hearing aid and radio aid work. The animated text is synchronized with audio and visual components of spoken English video clips. Clear lip patterns are available for the deaf/hearing impaired student to access. There are five worksheets available to print out and complete.


Instructional Reader Signs Sheets

Instructional Reader vocabulary sheets with NZSL signs. These may be printed out and used in a variety of ways.
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