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The New Zealand Relay Service

How to use the NZ Relay Service to make an internet relay call to order some pizza!
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How to get and use captions.
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Deaf Sports

Read about what deaf sports you can play.
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Video Calling

How to make a video call and sign to your friends using a 3G phone!
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TVNZ Teletext

How to use TVNZ Teletext.
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A Hearing Dog

An interview with Andie Vowles and her hearing dog Brie.
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Technology @ Home

A look at the use of Technology in a deaf persons home.
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A Deaf Student Youth Member of Parliament

Kaitlyn, a deaf student took part in the 5th Youth Parliament in 2007. Read the speech she gave in parliament about Global Warming.
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A Deaf Teacher

An interview with a deaf teacher of the deaf - Ann Croy.
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A Deaf Blind Sculptor

Read about Donald Gibson, a deaf and blind sculptor who made the VADEC 125th jubilee sculpture.
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A Deaf Actor

An interview with Toby Agnew, a deaf actor who was in the film Closer.
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Helen Keller at Sumner School for Deaf

World famous Helen Keller visits Sumner School for Deaf in 1948.
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Helen Keller International Art Award

Read about this art award and how you can enter it.
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Boys House Fire

Boys' House Fire at Sumner School for Deaf, 1958
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