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Information for Professionals

School Year 2017

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New NZSL Dictionary App
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Download DEAFinitely Stepping Ahead brochure
> http://www.deaf.co.nz/uploads/files/content/File/Resources/1.0%20Transition%20Brochure_wh.pdf

> YouTube video

Captions on Sky TV

Having trouble

Use captions AND READ
(and it's free)
> download information

Sky TV has introduced closed captioning to the following channels: Animal Planet, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, TCM, TV1. TV2. TV3, Cartoon Network, Crime & Investigation,Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, UKTV and National Geographic. Closed Captions are available on My Sky decoders. Sky Digital decoders can display closed captions through Teletext if the television supports Teletext. Contact Sky TV for advice on how to start captioning on your television if you need assistance. Fax number: 0800 759329 or phone number: 0800 759759 or check out their website at http://www.skytv.co.nz/Default.aspx?tabid=1617 for functionality support.

A collection of eleven videos has been produced by theMinistry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management in conjunction with Deaf Aotearoa.
It contains useful information to raise awareness of the types of disasters that can happen in New Zealand and provides advice on how to be better prepared. The information is presented in New Zealand Sign Language and it is captioned.
It's intended as a resource for the deaf and hearing impaired community.
Watch the videos online on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDCED521114A43422 .
Van Asch Deaf Education Centre Media Centre also has a copy of the DVD for loan. For further information on getting ready contact you local council or visit http://www.getthru.govt.nz/web/GetThru.nsf

New Zealand Teacher of the Deaf Wikispace

New Zealand Teacher of the Deaf Wikispace
It is the place to share ideas, techniques, links, worries. Ask questions, share research, debate issues. In fact this is the definitive site for us! I have created a few pages to begin with and added a few links. At the moment you need to become a member to edit pages, but the forums are open to all. Amongst these pages are much useful information for teachers of the Deaf. There are links to many web sites. This space is moderated by Clint Green.

Specialist Subsites

The following subsites are part of the van Asch Deaf Education Centre website but contain information specific to their topic. Each subsite offers a range of services and resources.
Click on any of the logos below to go directly to the subsite or navigate to a specific page via the subsites dropdown menu.

Regional Teaching Services
Click on the image to view
the services available.

Hearing Instruments and How the Ear Works

Click on the image to read an explanatory article on audiograms.

How the Ear Works
Click on the image to see the animation.
How the Hearing Aid Works
Click on the image to see the animation.
Parts and functions of the
Hearing Aid and Radio Aid.
Click to see images,
diagrams and spoken
english video clips.
How a Cochlear Implant Works
Click on the image to see the animation.
Names and functions of the
internal and external parts
of the cochlear implant.
Click to see images, diagrams
and spoken english video clips.

Checking Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Repairs and Batteries

A printable copy of the 'General Guidelines
for the Checking of Children's Hearing Aids'
is attached in a PDF document
> Checking hearing aids.pdf
Printable information is attached in a PDF document
> Hearing Aid Repairs and Supply of Batteries info. sheet

Basic FM Help

Information sheets for common FM equipment used by students
> Basic Changing FM Channel Operation Instructions

> Basic inspiro Operation Instructions

> Basic iSense micro Operation Instructions
> Basic SmartLink+ Operation Instructions

> Basic ZoomLink Operation Instructions

> Bluetooth and smartlink

Information Regarding Auditory Processing Disorder

> Download PDF

Hearing Loss Demonstration - Phonak Site

This website provides an informative audio simulation of how a sensorineural hearing loss affects hearing. The first simulated hearing loss is a mild loss and the second one reflects a sloping moderate loss. There are many mainstreamed deaf students, who daily have to cope with a severe or profound loss. These hearing losses are even greater than the ones demonstrated.


Online Hearing Test:

FM Systems Information - Phonak Eschool Site

This website offers a host of excellent information for professionals working with deaf/hearing impaired students who wear FM systems.
For a particularly superb auditory example of the effectiveness of FM systems go to the all about FM page and scroll down until you reach the classroom sound examples. Click on hearing instruments (hearing aids) only and listen to the sound quality that is delivered. Next click on FM only to compare the quality of the sound through an FM system.
Go to how to use FM for specific inservice training on the use of FM systems and select the model of transmitter and receiver the student you are working with is using.

The New Zealand Sign Language Curriculum

The New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Curriculum was launched on 15 March 2007 by Hon Steve Maharey. The new curriculum, acknowledges NZSL as an official language of New Zealand.The NZSL curriculum provides the basis for NZSL programmes in early childhood settings and in primary and secondary schools, and it gives students the opportunity to learn NZSL from an early age.


New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006

Go to this New Zealand legislation site to read the New Zealand Sign Language Act.2006.

Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand

Visit this website to learn more about sign language interpreters in New Zealand. The site provides information about training and about working with an interpreter. The Sign Language Interpreters' Code of Practice and Code of Ethics can be read on the site, and there is also a form to access the register of Interpreters.


Classroom Support

NZSL video clips
for common Signs
at School and at Home.

Signs In And Around The School includes signs for: "Things in the classroom",
Basic commands for teachers, "How do I say?", Buildings around the school, School subjects.
go to > Signs In And Around The School

Signs In And Around The Home includes signs for: "How do I say?", Rooms in the House,
Things inside and outside the House.
go to > Signs In And Around The Home

Gaining Deaf Students Attention
Click to see this poster.
Survival Signs for Teachers
Click to see signs.
Playground Signs for Teachers
Click to see signs.
Olympics Signs
Click to see signs.

NZSL Flash Cards for Emergent PM Readers

A4 sheets of NZSL signs (printable .pdf) to use with specific PM emergent magenta and red readers. The sign sheets can be printed out then cut and pasted into an exercise book. The sheets can also be used to support the reading of the instructional reader at home.
> Select an Instuctional Reader

Illustrations of NZSL signs

A4 pdf sheets of NZSL signs for common words, arranged alphabetically with illustrations of each sign/word.
Click a letter to view/download printable A4 pdf sheets of NZSL signs.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Image copyright - Jupiterimages Corporation 2009

NZSL Signed Songs

Click on song title to view -

> New Zealand National Anthem

> VADEC School Song

> Music Festival Theme Song

> This Train

> Born Free

> Dream World

> Ma Te Mahi Ka Ora

Christmas Songs -

> Away in a Manger

> Santa Claus is Coming to Town

NZSL Signed Song sheets

Illustrated full colour A4 sheets feature common songs and tunes, that provide a fun introduction to New Zealand Sign Language for early childhood, preschool and early primary settings.


> "Beep beep"

> "Hear the Boat"

> "Oo Oo train song"

> "Aeroplane song"

> "Bouncing"

> "Food (kai) song"

> "Planting beans"

> "Five cupcakes"

> "Bingo was his name"

> "Rock baby to sleep"

> "Hat song"

> "Ka kite"

> "At the station"

> "Morena"

The van Asch Deaf Education Centre is New Zealand's leading provider of educational resources for use with Deaf and hearing impaired children. For a full catalogue of NZSL resources go to our Online Shop

> Download printable PDF version of Resource Catalogue