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Information for Families

A wide range of services are provided by the Centre to provide guidance to parents.
To find out more see Specialist Services

School Year 2017

> Download School Terms & Travel Dates

Combined Board of Trustees News

> New B.O.T. launch and message from Minister

> Latest BOT News

Two funded cochlear implants for children

Budget 2014 Media Statement by the Minister of Health Hon Tony Ryall
> Download .pdf Statement

New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters (NZSL) for Deaf parents with children at school

  From February 2013 the Ministry of Education will fund New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters for Deaf parents so they can contribute and participate in their children's core education activities.  
The Ministry of Education has contracted iSign, through Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand, to provide this service nationally for 2013.  This service is funded by the Ministry of Education and will be free to parents and schools.  It will be provided while children are attending primary and secondary school.  
Core education activities are defined as:
· Formal parent-teacher meetings
· Individual Education Plan meetings
· Attendance at prize giving/special assemblies
· Attendance at any additional meetings with school staff where any aspect of a child's education is being discussed
· Attendance at school enrolment meetings
Information about this service, and how to access it can be found on the Ministry website www.minedu.govt.nz or  www.iSign.co.nz.  The Ministry contact for any further information is Carolyn Grace and she can be contacted on 04 463 8953 or carolyn.grace@minedu.govt.nz

Wilson Report - Services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children -
'Review of the role of the Advisor on Deaf Children'.

> Wilson Report - Direction

> Wilson Report - update September 2012

> Wilson Report - update February 2013

> Wilson Report - update May 2014

> Wilson Report - update March 2015

Preschool Residential Visits
- For parents and their deaf preschooler.

Assessment Visits
- For primary and secondary students accompanied by their parent/s.

Placement Visits
- For primary and secondary students accompanied by their parent/s, who are considering a placement at the Core School.
Click here for information > PDF document

Success for All - Every School, Every Child
Aggregating sensory resources -

Key messages from December 2010
Key messages from February 2011
Key messages from March 2011
Key messages from May 2011
Key messages from June 2011
Key messages from August 2011
Key messages from October 2011

Key messages from February 2012
Key messages from May 2012

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it Like to be Deaf?

Will my deaf child learn to read and write?

Will my child learn to speak?

- read Benazir's story

- read Sam's story

> Benazir's story
(as it was printed in 'Upstart' magazine).
> Sam's story

How Does the Ear Work?
Click on the image to see the animation.
How Does a Hearing Aid Work?
Click on the image to see the animation.
Parts and functions of the
Hearing Aid and Radio Aid.
Click to see images, diagrams
and spoken english video clips.

What are Cochlear Implants and How Do They Work?

How a Cochlear Implant Works
Click on the image to see the animation.
Names and functions of the
internal and external parts
of the cochlear implant.

Click to see images, diagrams and
spoken english video clips.
Hearing Equipment & Funding
> What options are available?

What is New Zealand Sign Language?
Click on the image to find out.

Basic FM Help

Information sheets for common FM equipment used by students
> Basic Changing FM Channel Operation Instructions

> Basic inspiro Operation Instructions

> Basic iSense micro Operation Instructions
> Basic SmartLink+ Operation Instructions

> Basic ZoomLink Operation Instructions

> Bluetooth and smartlink

Technology for Deaf

>Technology @ Home
A look at the use of Technology
in a deaf persons home.

A Parents Guide to Facebook
Understand what Facebook is and
how young Facebook users can use it safely.
Go to >

Captions on Sky TV

Having trouble

Use captions AND READ
(and it's free)
> download information

Sky TV has introduced closed captioning to the following channels: Animal Planet, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, TCM, TV1. TV2. TV3, Cartoon Network, Crime & Investigation,Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, UKTV and National Geographic. Closed Captions are available on My Sky decoders. Sky Digital decoders can display closed captions through Teletext if the television supports Teletext. Contact Sky TV for advice on how to start captioning on your television if you need assistance. Fax number: 0800 759329 or phone number: 0800 759759 or check out their website at http://www.skytv.co.nz/Default.aspx?tabid=1617 for functionality support.

Digital Parenting -
Useful online safety Websites.
Information about Cybersafety and security.
> Download .pdf

For advice and information on parenting visit
The Parenting Place.

The Concerned Parent’s Toolbox – 120 Tools and Tricks to Protect Your Kids.

Fire Safety for the Hearing Impaired

This resource has been produced by
the National Foundation for the Deaf.
The PDF outlines the best type of
smoke alarms and how to get funding
for assistive technology.

A collection of eleven videos has been produced by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management in conjunction with Deaf Aotearoa.
It contains useful information to raise awareness of the types of disasters that can happen in New Zealand and provides advice on how to be better prepared. The information is presented in New Zealand Sign Language and it is captioned.
It's intended as a resource for the deaf and hearing impaired community.
Watch the videos online on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDCED521114A43422 .
Van Asch Deaf Education Centre Media Centre also has a copy of the DVD for loan. For further information on getting ready contact you local council or visit http://www.getthru.govt.nz/web/GetThru.nsf

New Zealand Federation for Deaf Children (Inc.)


NZFDC is a national group that advocates for deaf and hearing impaired children and their families.  It is made up of parents of these children from throughout the country.  NZFDC offers information kits for families of newly diagnosed children, tutor fee assistance, assistive equipment subsidy, annual scholarships for tertiary students, excellence and sport awards for secondary students.
The national executive committee is elected annually from regional parent groups who work on a voluntary basis.  Many of the parent groups have newsletters, organise social events and can offer resources and friendship for parents or caregivers and children.

van Asch Deaf Education Centre Enrolments

Van Asch Deaf Education Centre is a Special School and all enrolments require Ministry of Education approval.
For enquires about enrolment contact the school directly or an Advisor on Deaf Children at your local Group Special Education office.

Parent Feedback

My name is Arihia Kapa and my son Cruze, who is profoundly deaf, is a residential student at van Asch. Cruze comes from Gisborne and started his schooling at VADEC in February 2007. After visiting on a few occasions, Cruze and I decided he would like to give van Asch schooling and residential living a try. As our beautiful little city is limited with our one and only skilful Resouce Teacher of the Deaf/Deaf Advisor who shared 10 years of advise and service with us it was time to venture out. You could only imagine my fear.... 'is this going to work?'...'how safe will my child be?'... etc..etc..

I have recently had my third visit to VADEC since Cruze started his schooling there, and seeing him in the school and residential environment I felt a strong 'sense of belonging' and valued sense of identity, on every occasion.

He loves it at van Asch. The 'one on one' style of teaching is so appropriate to meet his needs. The challenges for student are realistic and set when the student is ready. His stay in the residential houses is like a 'home away from home' and more. They are all loved and cared for just like I would want it to be. The sharing and family atmosphere is great 'Whakaawhanaungatanga' at its best.

Thank you VADEC, you are all so important in Cruze's ongoing development. I look forward to our growing relationship.

Na, Arihia Kapa.

My name is Lorraine. My son Sam is a VADEC residential student. van Asch meets all of Sam's wants and needs, which is very comforting when you would love to have your child at home with you. All the staff get so involved with each and every child, being most supportive and caring.

It's the best thing we could of done for Sam. We haven't looked back.

Regards, Lorraine