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Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Centre is a licensed Early Childhood Centre which caters for deaf and hearing-impaired children. It is staffed by Teachers of the Deaf who also hold Early Childhood qualifications. Individual and group session are offered to each child. Enrolment may be undertaken prior to attendance at other facilities, or to complement mainstream early childhood education.

While the programmes follow Te Whariki, the Early Childhood Curriculum, a special emphasis is placed on communication and language development. The child's specific learning needs are addressed through Individual Plans. Children in the Early Intervention Centre have access to specialist staff on campus.


Board of Trustees

The Early Intervention Centre is governed by the van Asch Deaf Education Centre Board of Trustees. An Early Intervention Centre Quarterly Report is provided to the Board.


We Work Closely With:

  • Advisers on Deaf Children
  • Resource Teachers of the Deaf
  • Southern Cochlear Implant Trust
  • van Asch Audiologist
  • Other Specialists Early Intervention Providers e.g. Champion Centre, CCS, Elmwood Visual Centre,Conductive Education


We Offer Different Communication Options

  • New Zealand Sign Language
  • Spoken English with key signs take from New Zealand Sign Language
  • Spoken English


The Centre specialises in Early Invervention practices.
The focus of programmes is parent-child support and empowerment.

  • Siblings can be enrolled in the Centre.
  • Children of deaf adults (CODA) can be enrolled into our CODA playgroup.
  • We welcome all whanau/grandparents/relations and friends to come and join in group sessions.
  • Deaf preschoolers and their families not enrolled in the centre can attend a playgroup morning with their Adviser on Deaf Children. These playgroups are provided regularly throughout the year.
  • Days and times of attendance for each child are decided in consultation with the parents/whanau. These are reviewed each term.



Parents/whanau are encouraged to work in partnership with the Centre staff in all areas of their child's development. Parents/whanau are expected to attend their child's session and participate in informal updates, video sessions and IP meetings. Teachers support families to practise appropriate techniques and strategies for developing their child's communication skills.


Individual Plan (IP)

All deaf children have an Individual Plan (IP). These plans are written at IP meetings which are held approximately twice a year. Before these meetings teachers work alongside parents/whanau to update their child's development and progress. Teachers will write up agreed communication goals to share at the meetings.

Parent/ Whanau Support Group Meetings

Parent/Whanau Support Group Meetings are held regularly throughout the year. Parents/Whanau attending these meetings are supervised and cared for by the Early Intervention staff.

Early Intervention Centre staff

Helen King

Lydia Heard

Kyla Cockrem

Sonja Parkes

Hayley Ahpene