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Useful Websites

Thumbs Up! An Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language

New Zealand Sign Language
Thumbs Up! An Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language
has been produced to support the teaching and learning of NZSL
as an additional language in English-medium schools for students
in years 7--8 working at curriculum levels 1 and 2.
The resource helps students and teachers to express themselves
in a new language and communicate with their Deaf peers.
As Deaf people come to have more people to communicate with,
our society becomes more inclusive.


New Zealand Sign Language Dictionary

The online Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language is a multimedia, bilingual reference tool.


New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006

Go to this New Zealand legislation site to read the New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006.


New Zealand Sign Language Act -Review 2011

Find out about the review of the NZSL Act.


New Zealand Sign Language Week

I am deaf, let's talk.
New Zealand Sign Language Week
30 April - 6 May 2012

For more information, visit the Deaf Association of New Zealand website.


New Zealand Sign Language Teachers Association

Explore this website to find NZSL teachers. It contains information about training and tutoring in NZSL, resources, events, competitions, and captioned movies. There is also a discussion forum for issues relating to teaching NZSL.


Sign Language Interpreters Association of New Zealand

Visit this website to learn more about sign language interpreters in New Zealand. The site provides information about training and about working with an interpreter. The Sign Language Interpreters’ Code of Practice and Code of Ethics can be read on the site, and there is also a form to access the register of Interpreters.


Deaf Aotearoa

Deaf Aotearoa is a Deaf-led, not-for-profit organisation. They provide services to deaf people and supply information on a range of services, including legal advice, educational opportunities and employment issues.


The National Foundation for the Deaf

The National Foundation for the Deaf (NFD) promotes the interests of nearly half a million deaf and hearing impaired New Zealanders.

They focus on breaking down barriers for people with hearing loss.  They promote the appreciation of good sound.  And they encourage all New Zealanders to protect and preserve their hearing.


Victoria University - Language Learning Centre - NZSL

Visit this site to view book, video, DVD and computer resources for learning New Zealand Sign Language.


Victoria University - Deaf Studies

The Deaf Studies Research Unit (DSRU) was established in 1995 with the goal of
conducting research on topics relaing to deaf people and their language in New Zealand. For information on their research projects visit the site.


Health & Disability Commissioner

Code of Rights in NZ Sign Language
To download Code of Rights in NZ Sign Language go to >