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last updated Thu 11 Jun 15

NZSL / Deaf Studies Resources

The van Asch Deaf Education Centre is New Zealand's leading provider of educational resources for use with Deaf and hearing impaired children. Featured below are some popular beginning level NZSL resources. For a full catalogue of NZSL resources go to our Online Shop.


NZSL@School Information.

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NZSL video clips for common Signs at School and at Home.

Signs In And Around The School includes signs for: "Things in the classroom", Basic commands for teachers, "How do I say?", Buildings around the school, School subjects. Signs In And Around The Home includes signs for: "How do I say?", Rooms in the House, Things inside and outside the House.
Full colour illustrations, NZSL video clips, English wordlists, NZSL and sign supported English (SSE) phrases.

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NZSL Signed Songs

A selection of some traditional songs signed using New Zealand Sign Language.

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NZSL Signed Song sheets

Illustrated full colour A4 sheets feature common songs and tunes, that provide a fun introduction to New Zealand Sign Language for early childhood, preschool and early primary settings.

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Illustrations of NZSL signs

A4 pdf sheets of NZSL signs for common words, arranged alphabetically with illustrations of each sign/word.

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NZSL Sign Search

We offer a basic NZSL Sign Search feature online. You can choose from alphabetical lists of common words or link to a more extensive New Zealand Sign Language Dictionary.
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Instuctional Reader NZSL Signs

A4 sheets of NZSL signs (printable .pdf) to use with Instuctional Readers. The signing student can follow the story and cut'n'paste the signs into a school book as they appear in the book. Includes Magenta and Red level Readers.

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NZSL Mini Handbook

A6 pocket sized booklet containing 640 essential NZSL signs for use in a variety of everyday situations. English words included for reference.

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Signs In And Around The School Cd-rom

This fun and interactive CD-Rom includes signs for: Things in the classroom, Basic commands for teachers, "How do I say?", Buildings around the school, School subjects.

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Starter Signs DVD

This DVD introduces the beginner signer to a wide range of elementary signs. Contains People, Home, Toys, Feelings, Numbers, Food, Questions, Colours, Vehicles, Clothing, Opposites, Parts of the Body, Outdoors, Outings At the Park, Actions, Outside Toys, Pronouns, Greetings, Animals. Includes booklet.

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Deaf Studies

Deaf Studies Curriculum Guide

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