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NZSL / Deaf Studies FAQs

Visual Communication

What is Visual Communication?

  ...read more

New Zealand Sign Language

What is NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language)?

  ...read more

Sign Language

Are Sign Languages the same around the World?

  ...read more

NZSL and English

How is NZSL different to English?

  ...read more

Sign Supported English

What is Sign Supported English?

  ...read more

Manually Coded English

What is Manually Coded English?

  ...read more

Lip Reading

What is Lip Reading?

  ...read more

Learning NZSL

Where can I go to learn NZSL?

  ...read more

Deaf Studies

What is Deaf Studies?

  ...read more

Deaf Culture

What is Deaf Culture?

  ...read more

NZSL in the New Zealand Curriculum

What is the 'New Zealand Sign Language in the New Zealand Curriculum' document?

  ...read more