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last updated Wed 30 May 12

Audiology Services

The Centre employs a paediatric audiologist who sees:

  • Infants and children referred for further diagnostic testing.
  • Children enrolled in van Asch Early Intervention Centre, Primary, Middle and High School.
  • Van Asch Early Intervention Centre and school-aged children referred along with their families for residential courses/team assessments.
  • Certain children with hearing impairment plus other disabilities.

He also provides information to advisers and audiologists in the region on:

  • The role of the adviser and audiologist in the management of deaf and hard of hearing
  • The selection, fitting/assessment and follow up of hearing aids and radio aids
  • The behavioral assessment of children

In addition he provides a monitoring and advisory service that:

  • Approves applications for hearing aid funding for children in Central/Southern New Zealand
  • Evaluates the suitability of new hearing aid models for children
  • Evaluates techniques for assessment of children's hearing
  • Evaluates techniques for the assessment of the benefits of hearing instruments for children.

The Senior Audiologist

Paul R.Peryman trained at the University of Melbourne. He worked as Sole Charge Audiologist at Northland Base Hospital for four years before moving to van Asch in 1987. Paul's special interests include behavioural paediatric audiology, the assessment of speech perception in children, hearing aid/s for children and parent/family support.

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