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last updated Fri 2 May 14

Audiology Resources

Sound propagation and measurement

Resource teachers of the deaf (RTDs) need to have some knowledge of sound propagation and how sound levels are measured. This guide will provide an introduction and stimulate further reading.

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Psychacoustics and the effects of hearing loss

Psychacoustics is the study of the perceptual effects of the neuro-physiological activity of the cochlea, 8th (auditory) nerve and the auditory nervous system in the brain. Having an understanding of these effects helps in our understanding of the effects of hearing loss for children, and of the limitations of hearing aids.

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Audiograms explained

The audiogram is a graph showing the thresholds in decibels for hearing test sounds of different frequency. On the audiogram, the test frequencies used during hearing testing are shown with the vertical lines. The decibel levels required for a child's hearing threshold are shown with the horizontal lines.

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Reading an Audiogram and Explaining it to a child or adult

The audiogram can be read at individual frequencies, or as a whole in terms of:
-  the overall degree of hearing loss or the pure tone average, and
-  the shape of the audiogram graph for each ear.

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Aided Threshold Interpretation

Aided thresholds may be provided on an audiogram as a means of confirming the audibility of test sounds at different frequencies. This testing may be done as part of guidance counseling, verifying the programmed amplification of a bone conduction aid or a cochlear implant, verifying that frequency lowering is effective in a hearing aid, and assessing functional gain when real ear microphone measures can't be taken.

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Basic FM Help

Information sheets for common FM equipment used by students

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Hearing Aid Selection

What Children Need to Perceive Speech and Other Sounds.
Selecting Amplification -- What is involved?

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