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Residential staff paint trees to represent our whakapapa

Residential staff came together on Friday 13 October to create some art work in the homes. Due to the nature of shift work, the only time we are all together as a team is for Professional Development in the holidays. Often these days are taken up with training, planning and policy/procedures so it was great to have the opportunity to be creative.

Each year we have students come and go and Sarah came up with the idea to paint trees in each house to represent our whakapapa. Students will create a photoframe with an individual picture and these will be hung on the tree to represent their time here at van Asch. There is also a tree in Stevens House where current staff will be displayed on a branch.

This was not only a great team building experience, but great to see the artistic flair of staff members. Watch this space for pictures of the decorated trees.

News and Events

The making of an NZSL friendly school

Everyone who was involved had a great passion and gave their heart to make this documentary work. Also a big thank you to the staff, the children and their families from St Theresa School. We have received so much positive feedback and got some recognition internationally. I am grateful that we are able to show the strategies to integrate NZSL as much as we can in the New Zealand education system.

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The toolbox things young deaf and hard of hearing people should know

The AttitudeTV Group are very excited to launch “The Toolbox”; a suite of short films revealing life’s essential information - and its all in New Zealand Sign Language! These are web-based video resources aimed at young Deaf people aged 16-24. The videos are designed to empower young people by increasing their knowledge and ultimately leading to greater participation and inclusion. Enjoy!!